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Welcome to Thirdhand Sportswear,

a collection of quality vintage apparel curated for the sustainable lifestyle of everyday athletes.

With all of the clothes I sell, there is a previous owner or seller which gives the garment its history. Then there's me, the curator who takes the piece, tells its story, and passes it on to you: the third hand.


You are the one who gives the garment its value. How it functions, makes you feel, and what it communicates to others about your lifestyle are what give it meaning. The memories you make, adventures you take, and routines you practice are all a part of your story.

Personally, THSW combines so many of the things I love: thrifting, sportswear, and storytelling. I want to tell you stories about the clothes I find, the significance they hold in history of sportswear, and why I think they’re dope.


Ultimately, I want to influence the way you think about apparel. The shift towards a more sustainable future begins in our minds when we challenge how we buy, wear, and care for our clothes.

- DG

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